Learning Needs Assessment for Case Management (LNA-PA)

Case Management is a team effort and can be most effective if each professional is working at the top of their license and are proficient in performing the essential Physician Advisory (PA) responsibilities.  HCIT Consulting now offers a packaged service; This Learning Needs Assessment will produce a role specific Education Curriculum for your Physician Advisors.

Do you have education and training concerns regarding your Physician Advisors?

Are your PAs as proficient and skilled as required to meet your department and hospital goals?

If not, how do you know where you need to focus educational and performance improvement efforts?

The Learning Needs Assessment is in survey format.  It is an in-depth, online questionnaire that consists of 40 two-part questions that will assess your Physician Advisor’s perceived knowledge and skills based on essential job functions and industry best practices.  HCIT Consulting will process the results and will provide a custom, prioritized Education Curriculum outline for your Physician Advisors.

HCIT Consulting’s Learning Needs Assessment for Physician Advisors (LNA-PA) a flat rate for services, regardless of department or organization size.  The process is simple.  Once Contracted:

  1.  HCIT will schedule a 1 hour conference call with your organization to discuss the details of the survey process and requirements. HCIT will also provide communication email templates to your leadership regarding the “what, where and why” of the survey to be distributed to your staff that will be completing the Learning Needs Assessment Survey.
  2.  HCIT will also provide you with a Data Request as we will require the following in order to facilitate the LNA-PA survey and provide the best results:
    • Current Physician Advisor Job Descriptions
    • Current department model and organization chart
    • Roster with staff name, title, and email address
  3.  A web-based survey with purpose and instructions will be sent out directly to your PA staff via email by HCIT to ensure 100% completion. You have the option to customize the survey messaging for it to appear that it is coming from your organization.
  4. HCIT will analyze the results and provide a list of prioritized role specific Educational Curriculum outline, based on the survey results.
  5.  A follow-up teleconference will be scheduled to discuss the results and the Education Curriculum outline with department leadership and key stakeholders of your choice.
  6.  Your organization will then be able to utilize HCIT’s Education Curriculum outline to implement departmental educational events, as well as integrate the needs into individual development plans as part of your organization’s performance appraisal process.
  7.  For an additional fee, HCIT can provide the following:
    • Onsite “Boot Camp” training to address overall department training needs as determined by your custom Education Curriculum ouline based on the LNA-PA.
    • Custom Individual Staff Curriculum to address specialized individualized education recommendations based on the individual staff results as determined by the LNA-PA.

The result—improved staff performance, productivity, job satisfaction, and outcomes! Once the survey has been completed by all staff, the turn-around time for the Education Curriculum for the LNA-PA is 5-10 business days.

Email us for more information at info@hcit.consulting.