Hospital Consulting Services


Our Clinical Variation services are designed to standardize processes around high impact Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs), rather than attempting to manage the variation on a case-by-case basis.

Our team will analyze historical outcomes and identify individual patterns of care. We will work closely with clinical service line physicians and staff to implement standard clinical pathways, evidenced-based order sets, and protocols for key DRGs.

Key outcomes include:

  • Reduction in unwarranted variation among caregivers
  • Increased use of order sets and pathways
  • Improved discussion around medical milestones during interdisciplinary rounds
  • Aligned clinical practice around evidence-based care guidelines
  • Decreased length of stay (10% – 20% decrease in LOS)
  • Decrease in ICU length of stay
  • Reductions in tests and treatments
  • Improvement in Quality

Assessment, process improvement and operational optimization is what we do and we would like the opportunity to assist you to meet your goals. Email us for more information at