Hospital Consulting Services


Our Collaborative Care services provide transformational support to promote patient centered care through the structural and operational redesign at the patient care unit level.

Implementation of the Collaborative Care Model transforms unit-based operations through a redesign of team/staffing structure, patient placement systems, standardized unit-based criteria, and interdisciplinary rounding.

Our team has worked together for several years to put together a methodology for Collaborative Care that can be implemented in academic medical centers, community hospitals, and children’s hospitals.

Collaborative Care initiatives are prioritized in collaboration with the client, and include:

  • Progression of care to discharge and length of stay management
  • Unit staffing structure analysis and implementation plan
  • Patient throughput, and identification of barriers to discharge
  • Patient placement systems and processes
  • Standardization and implementation of unit-based criteria (i.e. step down, ICU, etc.)
  • Cohorting of specific patient populations
  • Unit Activity Index to monitor nursing workload trends from increased admission/discharge/transfer activity

Key outcomes include:

  • Promotion of patient centered care
  • Improved patient throughput
  • Efficient communication with patients
  • Improved Communication with Physicians
  • Decreased Length of Stay (10% – 20% decrease in LOS)

Assessment, process improvement and operational optimization is what we do and we would like the opportunity to assist you to meet your goals. Email us for more information at