Interdisciplinary Rounds


Our proven methodology and tools improve communication, coordination, utilization review, and categorical segmentation of patients while maximizing clinical and financial outcomes.


Within the healthcare industry, numerous methodologies have been applied over the past 10-15 years to improve outcomes in length of stay and ensure the appropriateness of testing, treatments, medications, supplies and other resources. These methodologies have resulted in a variety of outcomes, with many failing to show the sustained benefit desired.

Our interdisciplinary rounds are used to enhance communication, coordination, utilization review, and categorical segmentation of patients.  Our team of experienced physicians, advanced practice providers, and nurses facilitate daily interdisciplinary rounds with each of your unit-based care teams to consistently address issues for every patient, every day in a standardized fashion.

Combining our extensive practical experience improving outcomes in academic medical centers, pediatric hospitals, large multi-hospital systems, and stand-alone institutions, with careful study of the variables that have led healthcare organizations to be successful, we recognize that sustained, positive outcomes can only be further improved through facilitated, clinician-led interdisciplinary care rounds for every patient, every day.

Effective, efficient communication among care team members is a key aspect of quality patient care and invaluable in helping to reduce length of stay and unnecessary resource consumption. Our structured HPIRounds™ solution drives the focused communication and coordination required among physicians, nurses, care managers and other key personnel to achieve the highest performance standards.

Key outcomes of HCIT’s Interdisciplinary Rounds Services:

  • Active removal of barriers to discharge and progression of care
  • Reduced unnecessary utilization
  • Early identification of social concerns
  • Improved quality metrics
  • Improved patient and care team experience
  • Decreased length of stay

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